Monday, June 29, 2009

situation unkown

Over the last few days, the 3 people I am classing up with and myself have been put through the ringer on our start date. It seemed like we were told differently every time we went to confirm our start date. Even the colonel who is in charge of operations, didn't know what to tell us. We had heard just about every possibility imaginable. The strongest possibility appeared to be that we would wait until the class we were originally supposed to join up with, finished. As I said before, they had  not finished flying in the T-6, because of the strike. This seemed like the most logical and simple answer. Yet the powers that be, determined in their infinite wisdom that the 4 of us waiting around for a few weeks was unacceptable, so we are classing up tomorrow, as originally scheduled. So now, the four of us are going to go through the entirety of ground school by ourselves, while the rest of our new class, about 15 people, sits around until we finish. Makes sense, right? Yeah, whatever.  

In other news, it appears moving to Enid is bad for your health. Between playing soccer almost everyday and rock climbing this weekend, my entire body is in pain. I know I'm not old, but my body aches. Am I already getting old? I hope not.

Until next time, Pray for SURF.


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