Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Situation normal?

Today, was the cluster of all clusters. Yesterday we were told to meet in the base auditorium for our little welcome brief. We thought that was dumb because there was only four of us, but maybe they had already reserved the area for a powerpoint or something. So we all get there early, about 850, because on time is late. 9 o'clock rolls around and nobody shows. 905, 910, 915.... Finally, after 915 Dave and I go to the squadron building to see what's up. We get there and they are trying to contact us to figure out where we were. Dave and I go get the other two and bring them back. Cool, no big deal, just a misunderstanding. As they begin to start, they realize there is only four of us. Apparently that was wrong, there should have been five. They start to quiz us on the the whereabouts of the fifth, while we are dumbfounded because we have not heard of said person. They start to scramble to find this guy, to which they were unsuccessful. When, all of a sudden a Lt Colonel comes in and demands us to find this guy or we are not starting. Also, he was curious as to our whereabouts because we were so late. Great, now we are at fault. 

We proceed to split up to check different offices that this guy might report to. Dave and Brian figure out that he is positively not in our class to which we meet again and report back to the squadron with our findings. They figure this out also and grant us free passes. All is forgotten and we move on with the brief. Thank God. I'm not sure I could take any more confusion. 

So the rest of the day went relatively well, with our first systems class and a few CAI's (computer aided instruction, basically lessons on the computer). There was only a small but frustrating snafu when I was unable to log in. This is the second time I have have been the only one not able to log in. 

All told, this was quite the first day. I can't wait for a break already. Good thing we start class just in time to take a four day weekend for Independence Day. I am looking forward to have Mom and Ryan come up this weekend though. Should be interesting for them, seeing how the rest of the country lives. 

Until then, pray for SURF,


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Dad said...

Hi Chris..typical military, blaming you for someone else!

Good reading...Oh and post some pics!