Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goings on in Enid

It has been quite an eventful week. On Saturday, after about 14 hours of deliberation, the union and company came to a resolution. Two days later, on Monday, the union voted to ratify the resolution allowing the maintainers to start work again on Tuesday. This was the big news of the week. Yesterday there were actually a lot of planes flying. Mostly T-6's and T-38's but I guess there was a T-1 or two in the air. Yesterday, we had a briefing by one of the group commanders and basically, he said that we are to still have a neutral opinion of the strike and that each class will be rolling back a class. For example, my class, which is still in the T-6, was supposed to start next Tuesday, was rolled back to the next class. This means I probably won't be starting for like 3 weeks now. Oh well. 

In other news, we found some sweet mountain bike trails about an hour south of here. There is not a lot of and they're not that long, but they are fun. Definitely unexpected for Oklahoma. Also, I found a soccer league. We were at the bike shop the other night and went to get dinner across the street. It turns out there is an indoor soccer arena in Enid. They also told me about some outdoor soccer. So, I've kind of gotten involved with them. What makes it even better though is one of the guys that plays soccer, this Scottish dude, is also my next door neighbor. Sweet, now, I'm plugged into the community. That was easy. Sure there is no surf, but soccer is super fun too. It is also much better organized than it was when I played at Vandenberg. I guess the guy who kind of runs it all used to play soccer for the Iranian national team. He is super cool, definitely a kid in an adult's body. 

Things are going well here though, I'm actually really happy right now. I have been studying ahead and staying active so I could not be more stoked. Also, yesterday the US Men's National Soccer team defeated Spain in the Confederations Cup. To put that into perspective, Spain is the world's number 1 and was riding a 35 game undefeated streak. It is only the second time we have defeated the number 1 team ever. The also put us into the final of the cup which, even if we lose, will be our best finish at a FIFA tournament ever. Go WATCH the FINAL, it is on SUNDAY.

Until then, pray for SURF and Go America!


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