Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, I made it to Enid. The trip up here was uneventful yet surprisingly interesting. I drove up from Mobile, through Alabama and Mississippi into northeastern Louisiana and then finally through south eastern Arkansas to Little Rock. This drive turned out to be really fun and interesting. I was only on interstate highways for a short time so, as a result, I got see a lot of small town America. West Mississippi and northeast Louisiana were actually really fun to drive through. The scenery and locale were very unique. 

From Little Rock I drove west through Arkansas into Oklahoma. Contrary to popular belief, west Arkansas and east Oklahoma are relatively hilly because of plateaus. Tulsa, in eastern Oklahoma seemed like a very cool town when I drove through it. It has some interesting architecture with new buildings and such. 

On Saturday I rolled into Enid, and early in the afternoon I met my new roommate Matt at our home. I'm not sure whether to call it an apartment or a condo, but it is actually pretty nice. It definitely suites our needs and the location is great. There is really not much to complain about with it. Eventually I'll put up a some pictures of the house, the town, and the base. 

On Monday, I checked into the squadron that keeps up in the "holding pen" until we start. I've been working on a inproccessing checklist this whole week while Matt has already been in class for a couple weeks. From what it looks like, there is a LOT of information to absorb. The cockpit is insanely more busy then the old T-34. The checklists are like 5 times as long, and you need to have them memorized. At Whiting, we had one week of class about the systems of the aircraft, here it lasts a month. I definitely want to get a head as much as possible before the storm starts, because this is not going to be a vacation. I'm not sure if the actual flying is going to be any more difficult than Whiting, but the time crunch definitely will be. 

So, in conclusion, I am currently sitting waiting to class up, which should happen by June 30th. However, this may not happen because the aircraft maintainers are on strike with the company the Air Force contracted out to do the aircraft maintainance. Nobody knows how long this will last, but if it goes too long, I'll be the Air Force will get involved. Anyway, Enid is cool, I guess, my room is awesome, the base is fine, and I'm getting juiced up for class. Until next time, Pray for SURF.


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