Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half of C4104

Well, if you couldn't tell, I have not been satisfied with my last couple flights. Something needed to be done about that. Well, the perfect thing happened. We got a 4 day weekend. As you know Veteran's Day was on Tuesday so everyone had Tuesday off. Monday became a no fly day, so since I am only eligible to fly right now, by default I got a 4 day weekend. Wow, that was just what I needed. Thank you, Lord. It is really amazing what a couple extra days does not only for you moral but for you health too. Case in point... Chris (roommate) and I were going to take out our neighbors little sunfish sailboat out on Saturday but that had to be postponed. As we were pulling the boat out, I stepped on a rusty nail, which did pierced the skin pretty deep. Great, now I got tetanus to worry about. Like I said, 4 day weekends are great for your health. Luckily, I had a tetanus shot when I went active so I was covered there. So far there has not been any infections or anything. 

I also had the opportunity to attend a concert on Saturday night. The band O.A.R. is a pretty famous band among college kids and they played over in Mobile at the university. Even though the tickets were general admission, we were able to get seats about 20 feet from the stage really easily. This was cool because this band has sold out arenas and here they were playing for less than 1000 people.

Today, I was scheduled to fly my C4104 which is an end of block flight (end of a chapter).  This is kind of an important flight so I could not screw it up. But a front started moving through last night, so I knew there was a possibility I may not fly. Whatever, I'll just show up at the brief ready to go. 

After briefing, my IP said to stick around. Great, that means we are going to try and fly in marginal conditions. A great way to suck at a flight. Eventually, we did try to make a break for it, but as soon as we got up in the training area it was impossible to do anything of training value. So, we went down to one of the airfields to practice landings. This turned out to be a great idea. I did very well on all my landings except for the first one, but usually the first one is considered a freebie to suck anyway. After completing about 8 or 9 landings we decided to head back to Whiting. Wow, this was great. A free flight, meaning it was no pressure, and I did well. Definitely the confidence booster I needed. The flight ended up being an incomplete flight because we did not do any high work, i.e. spins, stalls, power loss situations, so I get to do this flight again. 

Currently, I am scheduled to fly again early tomorrow morning but the weather looks dismal again, but this time I likely won't fly, but then again only God knows. 

But, I also need to get ready to hit it hard through the 4200 block, which is getting me ready to check. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris...sure enjoy reading your blog. Know you're going to be pushed during this training, but I know you're up for the challenge.

Glad you found OCF...there's other flight students on this blog site, too.

Ryan & I just got back from visiting DU. Windy & bumpy flying into Denver.