Sunday, November 16, 2008

Second Half of 4104

Friday, a huge cold front was supposed to be makings its way across western Florida thereby canceling a lot of the day's flights. But for some reason, I had a felling I was gonna fly and the weather was not going to be as bad as predicted. Sure enough, when I woke up, it was relatively clear and definitely marginal but flyable weather. 

 Well, when I showed up to fly the IP I was flying with wanted to fly so we did the brief and sure enough, we got a plane. We went outside to preflight the plane and when we were sitting in the cockpit it started to rain on us with the canopy open. The weather was so weird because it was hot and humid, clear then not clear, rainy then no rain. I guess this is Florida. 

There are three training areas we can go to but the third is used so seldom they do not hold us responsible for knowing the area. But, that is where my IP wanted to go that day. The area is down over the coast south and east of where I live. It was fun flying down there because you could see the entirety of Escambia Bay and into the gulf and even towards Destin which is about 50 or so miles east of here on the coast. It was a good flight, I felt like even though I didn't know the area I still new what I was doing and stayed calm and collected the entire time. I really enjoy flying with the IP I flew with on Friday. I had flown with him on a previous flight. Since that completed the end of the 4104 block, I now start the 4200 block which is the block before I check and solo. It is supposed to be intense and difficult and they throw everything at you in this block so I may not be posting for a while after this. It is only 4 flights and then my checkride. So, potentially I could check and solo by the end of this week or even Thanksgiving. I am hoping to check next week so then I have the weekend to make sure I know my stuff. 

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