Saturday, November 22, 2008

4200 complete, checkride next

Coming into this week, I was nervous because potentially I could have flown everyday with a checkride on Friday. Also, supposedly the 4200 block is one of the tougher blocks because they are preparing you to check. So all the cards are on the table, they are throwing everything at you to make sure that when you solo, you are not going to kill yourself or someone else, literally. The entire goal of  this program is to train us to fly solo, and this is the first step. 

So, Monday I did my 4201 with my On-wing. It went pretty well. I was nervous coming into it but it wasn't that bad. I still think all this training stuff is kind of fun. They through simulated emergencies at you when you "least expect it." But you know it's coming the entire time. Only a couple times I got caught off guard the entire week. When they do catch you off guard your training automatically kicks in and you just react. There is no time to think, and they do a good job of getting you to the point where everything is just reaction. 

By the time I got to my 4204 on Friday, it was basically as if I was solo. The IP does not do much coaching, he is only along for the ride and to give you emergencies. My 4204 was a little different though because it was super windy and he helped coach me through some landing patterns and emergency landing patterns (ELP). ELP's are the glide path or profile we fly with a dead engine. It was super hard in the stiff winds. But he said I did pretty well. 

So, now I am getting ready for my checkride on Monday. Ideally, you are not supposed to check on Monday because it has been two days since you flew, but oh well, I guess I'm not that lucky. Then you are supposed to solo that same day but with the dwindling light hours, that is happening less often. Most are soloing the next day. 

But things are going well, should be fine on my checkride. 


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