Thursday, November 6, 2008

4100 block

This has been quite a week and it isn't even over. I am getting way overwhelmed. I don't know why either. There has not been anything really that new since my 4101 last Friday. 

Monday, I had my BI 4003. That was a fairly uneventful flight. About an hour of staring at instruments. I did ok, but I think I could have done better. No big deal though, I still got decent grades I think. 

Tuesday, I was scheduled for my C4102 with Stefan's on-wing. Great, supposedly he is a chill dude. It was another early flight that began a week's worth of early mornings for me again. Because it was dark when I drove up there I didn't realize that it was cloudy and there would be a chance my flight would get canceled. Eventually, I struggled through the brief. It is very convenient how IP's always manage to ask you stuff you don't happen to know or didn't study the night previous. As you can see, the brief did not go all that great, so I was hoping for a cancellation so I could maybe rebrief it with someone else. After a few hours I got my wish and my flight was canceled. Great, I guess. I go home, and relax/study for the rest of the day and come to find out, I am flying with the same IP as I was supposed to fly with. Well, this time I didn't have to do the brief, but it was another early morning flight. 

So, I show up, a little rested but not much. And the flight went just about how the brief did. Some things good, some bad. I was sucking at the emergency procedures that were being thrown at me, but I guess that is expected. I got through the flight and made it home. That afternoon, was a good one because Stefan and I briefed each other and I told him everything I had learned that day. Now I had to get ready for my 4103 which was with an IP I have flown with before. 

This morning, I had yet another 430 wake up to get to the brief. This is getting rough. However, I was stoked because I knew my material and I liked the IP. Can't miss right. Wrong. The brief went great, even the takeoff and departure but after that, it was all down hill. This flight may have possibly been my worst flight. It seems like I forgot everything that I had been doing for the last month. I was missing radio calls, setting wrong power settings, messing up simple procedures that I have done 20 times. My landings were ok, not great but not that horrible. I have been learning how to execute what's called a ELP (emergency landing pattern). Basically what it is, is a maneuver that allows you to land at a specified field with an engine failure. You execute by entering the profile (ground track) at a specific altitude an position relative to the landing strip/runway. Then you fly down at a constant speed with no power inputs because it is simulating an engine failure. For some reason, I suck really bad at it, when I had no problem with basically the same thing at IFS (Pueblo, CO). So, in my opinion, today's flight was a complete failure because I could not basic things that I should easily be able to execute by now. I am really looking forward to this weekend. I need a break. 

In other news, I have started attending a men's Bible study called Officer's Christian Fellowship. I really enjoy it, as all the people who attend are flight students. 


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