Monday, October 27, 2008

BI 3

4:15 am is very early. Too early. It is dark and not gonna be light for a while. I haven't been up that early in a while. But, today I had to, to make my 0530 sim. Eh, whatever, I was done by 730. Kinda nice when you've completed your only event for the day before most get on base or maybe even wake up. So, since I was up and wanted to practice in the sim later, I had some time to kill. The gym makes a nice time killer except it just showed me how out of shape I am. I think it is sad when I don't work out on a regular basis anymore yet I can still pass the Air Force Physical Fitness Test with a max score. I hope I get out of this "Air Force shape" soon. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand it. 

As for my sim this morning. It went well. Made two big mistakes that were kind of dumb. On one approach maneuver, we are supposed to waveoff. I did the waveoff but forgot to put the landing gear up until I leveled off. That is a dumb mistake. Then, later when doing an instrument check, I glazed over the instruments, which is a bad habit to get into, and missed the high oil temp and pressure the instructor gave me. Oh well. Still got very good scores on everything else. 

Now time for another 530 sim tomorrow. I love getting up early.


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Anonymous said...

At least you'll be prepared for those early morning missions....