Saturday, October 25, 2008

BI 2

Friday, I completed my second BI sim. It went well. Got good scores, had a good instructor. But afterward, I was presented with dilemma. I needed to stay and practice procedures I don't know or I could go and surf. I know there was good surf because I checked the internet immediately after my sim. Potentially, it could be the best surf I've seen here. But, I have the 0530 sim time on Monday, so I wouldn't be able to practice before hand unless I did it Friday. So, I did what any good student would do. I made a compromise. I stayed for about another hour practicing things I already knew so I would be better at them, then I left to go surfing. 

Eventually, after practicing in the sim for about an hour, I headed home with Chris with plans to go surfing with my buddy. I was soooo stoked because I have been wanting to go to the beach for a long time now, but there hasn't been any reason to go. My buddy came over and we headed down there. I have to admit, the conditions were some the best I've seen in a very long time. The winds were calm, the swell was sooo clean and a very nice size. We were so happy, we could barely put our wet suits on. (the water has cooled off to a very nice 77 but the air was cold, so I decided I'd rather be super hot then freezing) 

I had a little trouble getting through the shore break because it was a little heavy but eventually I made it through. By the time I made out to the line up I was dog tired, just another proof of how out of shape I am. Oh well, my friend and I stayed out for a few hours. Man, it was a great time. What a perfect way to end the week. 

Well, now back to the books. I have a very early sim on Monday, so no time to warm up that morning. 


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