Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BI 4 and 5

Did I say 415 is early. I mean, who gets up that early. I'm a morning person but that is absurd. 

Anyway, first sim went ok to good. I got some good scores, made a dumb mistake, but it went fairly well. It is frustrating because I have had this problem my whole life. Once I start to get good at something, whether it is sports, school, or these sims, I start to have unreasonably high expectations. The sims today were perfect examples. I mess up, no big deal, recover, get over it, but, because I am now good at this, there shouldn't have been that big of a mistake to begin with. From there it is a snowball effect and I start to find problems in the rest of the maneuvers. The second sim was much more frustrating than the first. I keep getting down on myself the more I make mistakes then the more I get down, I make more mistakes. It is very tough for me to handle this, it makes me not want to do this because it tears up my mentality. Of course, I am not thinking of . . . I'm not even going to say it, but I definitely wanted to stop the second sim short because I couldn't take my personal abuse. 

In other news, it is kind of cold hear. I have yet to wear pants but I was super stoked because I've worn my flannel now a couple times. Tonight, along with last night, it is supposed to be in the high 30's. It will warm up a little though, with the passage of this cold front. Anyway time, for bed, another 415 alarm clock awaits me. 


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