Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ebb and Flow

Well, what a few weeks it's been. The only way to describe it, is not a lot of work, to overload, to another break. Feast or famine. In the last few weeks, we as a squadron are doing some serious work and moving some stuff. When you step back and take a breath to look at what we've done the done the last few weeks, it's impressive. The work over here is fantastically different but the same as OIF. Supporting the guys on the ground at the far corners of Afghanistan is awesome. Several times now we have heard  how they love seeing a Herc because they know when were around they get to eat, drink, or have power that week. This is what sets OEF apart from OIF. The direct support we do for these guys is extremely rewarding. Despite the obviously unideal circumstances of war, this is what makes my job worth while. 

Although many think we have it rough, we don't. I was talking to an aircrew member today and she was explaining to me how Marines here will rotate on 3 week rotations from one place to the next every week, with the fourth being the "home base" with hot showers and food. This means they only get showers once every three weeks! Just to prove how rough it is, here is picture of me with a grill a friend brought in from Germany. Now we just need to find some meat to grill and we're having a party!

Obviously it's been a while since I've posted, that should be sign that I'm busy. This grad school thing is well on its way. Please pray for encouragement there, because I dislike school in a very unnatural way. But alas, I am trying to have faith that God will get me through, just like the last time. Good news is, I'll have a ton more free time for more reading, working out, and rest when this half time happens.

Until next time, pray for SURF!


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William R. Porterfield said...

Awesome pics bro. Great to hear you are doing well. Hope you are up for some sand volleyball when you get home. That's Jed's new kick! You are from Cali right? That's the only sport they know.

Take care, be careful. See you soon.