Sunday, August 23, 2009

SURF! Oklahoma

If you have been praying for surf, your prayers have been answered. Yesterday, I'm pretty sure we were the first to surf Oklahoma. You may ask how we accomplished this seemingly impossible feat. Well, with a stroke of genius and a boat. To help us break off the stress of our week, we rented a boat on Saturday. There was one problem though, we only had a tube and possibly a wakeboard later. I am not a fan of tubing so we needed to think of something else. We failed to think of anything creative until we were on our way out the door to the lake. My one friend, who is also a surfer from CA, saw my surfboards sitting in the family room. He is the genius who thought of possibly my new favorite Oklahoman past time, surfing. Before you knew it, I was infinitely more stoked about this trip to the lake. Basically, how it worked, is you treat the surfboard as if it was a wakeboard and viola! you are surfing. Obviously the waves aren't huge, but the speed is effortless because of the towrope. After a full day of surfing Oklahoma, we can't wait to do the real thing again, or its Oklahoman counterpart.

As far as the training goes, we had our first, last event. On Friday we took the last academic test we will take in UPT. This doesn't mean we won't take any more tests, it just means we are done with academics. We take any motivation we can get if you can't tell.

Last week was also a dumpy week for flying. We sorta flew on Monday in horrible weather, got canceled another day, and flew again on Thursday. Friday we had the 515 again, but oh well, it's not like we don't always get up at 430 anyway. This week should prove to be better weather, but there is a new class joining up, so I only expect to fly two or three times this week.

Also, our first checkride is coming up relatively soon. I only have about 6 more flights until I check, so prayers for the checkride, please.

Until next time, pray for SURF.


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