Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 up, 2 down

Another week down. These days are borderline ridiculous. We are at work for 12 hours each day without a spare minute, then we promptly head home so that we do not break crew rest. (we must have 12 hours off between duty days) But our day isn't over when we get home. I usually take about an hour to hour and a half to screw around and eat dinner. Then it studying the rest of the night until I go to bed.

My typical day at work has been like this. Show up at 515 and begin to flight plan for about an hour. Somewhere between 600 and 630 we will begin our mission brief with the IP. After about an hour of brief, we "step" to the aircraft. This takes about an hour to step, get out to, preflight, and start the aircraft, the goal is to meat our takeoff time by -5 to +10 minutes. Then we proceed to fly for 3 to 3.5 hours. Usually we land about 1130. After flying we have to debrief for about an hour and a half. Literally as soon as we are done with our debrief we either start formal brief, which is the annoying standup and everything, or we head to class for the rest of the day. Occasionally we have a test mixed in there. The nicer days are when we have a sim. The sims are great because instead of taking like 7-8 hours start to finish like flights, they are 5 hours. On the occasion we have a sim, I like to go to the gym because it is the only opportunity to go. All in all, this puts navy training to shame.

Anyway, other than long, dreary days, things are well. I am really coming along in landing this thing. My class is super awesome and we always do things together. Also, some guys and I are starting a Bible study group so that is cool.

Until next time, pray for SURF.


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