Saturday, August 1, 2009


This week was all about motivation. I have been in ground school for like 5 weeks now and it's getting old. It is not the hardest thing, but it isn't the most fun either. I have to admit my motivation was getting low. It didn't help when we had what's called an EP sim and a test back to back on Wednesday. The EP sim is basically a simulator flight where the plane breaks constantly and you have to do the appropriate emergency procedures. It is fun but also a little bit stressful. I think what made it worse is that I don't think my copilot and I weren't necessarily on the same page. In the end though, we did well so all is good. About an hour after our EP sim, which was at 515 in the morning until 1030, we had a instrument test. This is supposed to be one of the harder tests in the program, so we were stressing about that a little. All turned out well there also.

However, yesterday was one of the most motivating events I have been too. Every three weeks, although it has been six weeks since the last one because of the strike, there is what's called an assignment night. This is where the most senior class gets their future assignments before their wings. I also happened to know a lot of people in the class because I went to IFS in Colorado last year with them. The motivation is super high because literally every student and IP is there plus some family and friends. So, if I hadn't mentioned it to you before, assignments for the Air Force have been really lame for the last year or so. It has not been a good time to try to become a pilot in the Air Force recently. Last night showed signs of that changing.

There had been rumors of possibly 3 fighters dropping, which is 3 times the amount of past classes. Also, there were rumors of a Hawaii assignment. So, one by one, each student walks up to the front when their name is called and gets their assignment, both airframe and location. Iwas especially excited I probably knew about 6-7 people in this drop. Sure enough, a C-17 to McChord in Washington, another to Charleston in South Carolina, and finally a C-17 to Hawaii. By the way, the event was taking place in the O-club and everyone was there. The place was going nuts. Also intermixed was the fighter drops. First a F-15E, then an A-10, finally after initially being told he was going to be an instructor pilot, they "changed" their minds and gave him an F-22. The roof just about came off the building. In the end, it was a super motivating night and I really can't wait for my assignment night.

Also, another tradition is the class video. This classes' video was the best in recent memory. It was hilarious. I'll try to find a link to it off youtube.

Until next time, pray for SURF,


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