Wednesday, July 15, 2009

busy, busy

Academics is supposed to be really easy and slow. This week hasn't been THAT bad, but it is definitely not easy and slow. We have had several 10 hour days, which isn't much really, but when they start at 10 and you're home at 8, they take their toll. I have been studying in the morning before and I come home and study more. This is definitely a little more info than there ever was at Whiting. But it is just different. It is manageable, sort of. But anyway, I just got done with my second sim and I have a test tomorrow morning followed by class all day. At the end of the day, I have an eye gouger called a podium brief. This is just an IP getting with all the class and discussing emergency procedures for like an hour or two. After that I have another sim on Friday night. This sim actually has a lot of new info, so it should be interesting.

Flying the sims is cool because they have video screens out of the wind screen. They are also pretty accurate in simulating the controls of the T-1. One of the downfalls at Whiting was that the sims sucked at replicating actual flight in the T-34, this sim is much better. This is depressing for me though, the T-1 is so slow to react and is like driving a bus or something. It is kind of frustrating for me because although the yoke is all mechanical to the control surfaces, there is not much feed back on the control pressure. Basically, what I mean is that when I turn the yoke left or right, I don't feel anything pushing back, because the T-1 does not have ailerons. Anyway, if that is confusing, is just means the aircraft has slow reaction time. Not fun. But it does have a lot of very cool gee-wiz instruments. Those are nice.

Until next time, pray for SURF.


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