Monday, January 12, 2009

Into the night

Today, or more like tonight, I had the first of two night flights. Everyone so far has been telling me that these are super fun and laid back. But, for some reason I felt a little nervous heading into the brief. I wasn't nervous about the flight though, just the brief. I don't know why either. Whatever.

So, anyway I show up to fly and I see that I was cancelled with the first IP then signed on with another. OK, whatever. But wait that's awesome, I am flying with a reservist, they are always the coolest. Sure enough, when it came time to brief, it was awesome. When I came time to fly, it was awesome. We went over to Mobile, which is probably some 70-90 miles from whiting but whatever. He did some instrument work for himself, I took over and flew a bunch of patterns, it was all good. On the way home, we talked about where he used to take his wife before the were married, some good places to eat, I showed him my house. It was such a cool flight. I only wish they could all be like that. 


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