Saturday, January 17, 2009

formation fun

So, this weekend ended up being my busiest week here. In five days, I had 6 flights. Thursday, I flew my third form flight against my partner Jon's fourth. This created a problem that we had foreseen earlier when he did his first without me. He was going to finish the block before me. So, in all their logic, schedules decided to have me fly  my fourth against another guy's fifth yesterday. Ok, I guess thats fine. Now Jon and I can do our form 5 together. But when I got to the brief yesterday, the IP's decided to change things up a bit. We were going to do what is called an out and in. We do the first flight as normal and instead of coming back to Whiting, we go to another field grab a bite to eat and relax for a few and then we do a second flight and return to Whiting. Ok, that's cool, not what I was planning on, but no worries. 

It turns out that it worked out pretty well. We did our flight like normal on the way out, then he had his "solo" on the way back. In reality he didn't really solo because the IP was in the back, but he was not being graded on the flight. So, in conclusion, I went through the entire first block of formations in 4 days and  should be starting the second block next week. After that, all I have left in the program in RIs (radio instruments). This is where I get my instrument rating. 

Potentially, I could be done by the end of February but more likely is the middle of March.


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