Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Course Rules and CPT

How a week can change things. Last week, we were sitting in class for 8-9 hours a day, this week, we are in class about 10 total, with other briefings to attend and some computer based training. It is said that UPT with the Navy is easier than with the Air Force. This is where that idea comes from. At Air Force bases, at least until everyone solos, all students in a class have to been in the flight room (classroom) for 12 hours a day. Not all of this is class, but you are still there. Meanwhile, down here with the Navy, we do the academics on our own time, for the most part. So, it puts more of a burden on you to ensure you get all your necessary prerequisites done. The Navy likes to think this is their way of not holding our hand through pilot training. So, Stefan and I have had a little more free time on our hands, which one would think earlier return to couch time. Nope, we have been getting home consistently at least 1-2 hours later than last week. We are both building up for our CPTs (cockpit procedural traininer) to start. These are graded events with a contractor IP (instructor pilot). For both Stefan and I, our first CPT is tomorrow, Thursday. Luckily they don't expect much out of you for this, but I think we have over-prepared for this one and we are not going to as ready for the ones to follow. Oh well, we will see. You have to pick your battles in UPT anyway. I'll let you know how it goes. Until tomorrow.


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