Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swell Systems Test

Yesterday, bright and early in the morning, we had our systems test, a culmination of 3, 8 hour days of class exclusively on the T-34C systems. This includes anything from the electrical system to the air conditioning system, and the landing gear. With all the information that we learned, the test came surprisingly easy. Both Stefan and I earned very high grades, which is always a moral booster, also, the teacher said our class average was one of the highest in recent memory. But even with all of our studying, the hot topic has been Hurricane Gustavo.

Hurricane Gustavo is worrying and exciting a lot of people.  A couple of days ago, it looked like Gustavo was going to head straight for us, now the weathermen are calling for it to hit the central coast of Louisiana. However, a few years ago, Hurrican Ivan looked to have the same trajectory, but at the last minute it cut northeast and basically hit Pensacola square on. So, although we have not been told to evacuate, they have told us to be ready to. I am stoked because we are going to get some big waves. Hopefully, I'll be able to surf them, but if not, it will still be cool to watch. 

Coming up next week, we have a bunch classes and briefings for other miscellaneous things. Also, we start CPTs (cockpit procedural trainer). Basically it is a simulator for the aircraft where we can practice pretty much any checklist and EP (emergency procedure). EP's are a very significant aspect of flying training. 

So, in conclusion, this weekend will be spent preparing for CPT's, waiting for surf, and perhaps most importantly, watching the USC game. FIGHT ON!


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