Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well, it's finally spring! I remember when I thought it would be cool to have four seasons, since I grew up with two seasons, hot and mild with some rain on occasion. Well, I have since changed my stance, having two seasons is far superior to four for many reasons. However, when those first few days of soothing sunshine arrive, they are more sweet than a summer full of sunshine. It drives me nuts when I have to be inside flying a sim when it is 75 and clear outside. Even actual flights in the aircraft are fantastic when the weather is like this. One thing that I have noticed is how fast things grew back. In just a couple days, the hills were all green with grass and trees were blossoming. I definitely think this month is gonna be the most pleasant month here. Just warm enough but not insanely hot, which I feel is coming this summer.

As far as flying goes, I am about to have my sim check next Wednesday. Instead of proving we know how to fly the herc in the plane, they do it in the sim to save wear and tear on the planes. So, on Wednesday I'll have to do a pretty standard checkride profile, which includes different kinds of instrument approaches and engine out landings. Nothing too crazy, as it's all stuff we have been doing for the last month or so. After I finish the checkride, we will go into the tactical phase. In the tactical phase, we learn how to do all the stuff that a herc does as its bread and butter. We do low levels to airdrops in formation at night to assault landings. All things that require special training and a lot of planning. I already have a little experience with low levels and airdrop from the T-1, but now we are learning it in the herc. It should be a lot of work but a really good time. This is why I wanted to be a military pilot, you do things you would never consider as a civilian or airline pilot. Should be good times.

Until next time, pray for SURF,


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