Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Low Rider

After about 4 weeks of academics with a few cockpit trainers thrown in, we have hit the simulators. These simulators are incredibly more advanced than any I've ever flown. An random but interesting fact for you; the C-130 E simulators are actually national assets. Because there are so few of the sims, if too many break at one time, they get national funding or something to keep them running. I'm not sure what all this means, but they are a big deal, especially at about $30 million a piece, too.

On Monday we had our first sim and I have to be honest, if the sim is even remotely close to how the actual plane flies, this should be awesome. The plane is so easy to handle and operate. I love the feeling of props instead of jets and having a gigantic rudder creates handling characteristics we had in T-34's and not it T-1's. People give antiquated planes and equipment a hard time, but I think I really enjoy flying ghetto planes. I think it makes you a better "stick and rudder" pilot and it teaches to think while flying instead of following an arrow on the flight director because the autopilot is on. Although we weren't using any of the autopilot or anything for these first few sims, none the less, it still reminded me of what it was like flying down at Whiting.

I also decided the official song of the Herc is Low Rider by War. It completely encapsulates everything about the Herc. We fly low, we fly slow. You know when we arrive because we have loud obnoxious props. I love it. Although a large part of me still wants to fly helos, I am starting to think I was made for the Herc or vice versa.

Something I am not looking forward to is our new sim times. At the beginning of school, my class drew straws for sim block times. We will likely have the same times through out the entire duration of the course and my buddy and I drew the best slot. Nothing like showing to work at 9 pm for a midnight sim start and finish at about 4 am. I have every day off! Or not. That starts next week and should be good times. I'm not sure how I'm gonna handle this. One positive is I guess, I'll be a champ for partying on the weekends.

Until next time, pray for SURF


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