Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cool Week

When God made me, I don't think He had it in mind to have me live where the high temps would not break 25. I think this is the most consistently cold and pale I have ever been. On one day in Wichita, I think the high was 15 when we took off out of there. So in that that aspect, this week has not only been cool, but down right cold.

They type of flying we have been doing has also been very cool. I was supposed to fly the second flight, the day we went to Wichita and it was 15 degrees, but our plane broke so I was not able to do my flight. I believe this was Wednesday. I did fly on Thursday and Friday though. These flights were awesome because I flew with a super chill IP. Thursday afternoon we did an airdrop mission against a couple of other IPs who were also very chill. It was what I like to call a clown show. These are my favorite flights because nobody cares. It is also when I happen to fly my best because I don't feel any pressure, plus I just like flying formations.

The next day, Friday, was perhaps even more of clown show. It was my last flight as a copilot, meaning, my job that day was to talk on the radio and do checklists. The IP flies the entire sortie. It was also called a "RAT" sortie. This is a flight we do that is meant to simulate a "real" mission in the Air Force. All we had to do was show up. No prior planning for students. We were briefed en mass about our missions to which we broke up into our crews and did a small amount of mission planning and our crew briefs. Also, did I mention it was with the IP I flew with the day prior and one of my better friends. It was shaping up to be a good day to say the least.

For the days events, we were to fly an airdrop mission on the first half, to "drop some supplies to the 10th Mtn Division". Then we had to "refuel" some T-38's on the second half. I flew in the copilot seat for the air drop. It was good times all around. We were constantly making fun of each other, making fun of our mission, and having a good time. In our mass briefing they gave us code words we could use on our mission, and we definitely put those to good use. Eventually we landed at Wichita for lunch then flew our refueling mission on the back half. That was fun, but I think we were had some food comatose because it was much more quiet. All in all, it was a super fun day, and I now only have 5 flights plus a checkride left. I am hoping to finish before I leave for Christmas. The weather is looking good all next week, so I think it can happen. We should also be finding out what is in our drop this next week. Big things are coming, and I don't know what to do with myself.

Until next time, pray for SURF,


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