Monday, November 23, 2009


The other day, I think it was Thursday, Vance had a few visitors. A KC-135 from Altus AFB, a KC-10 from Travis AFB, and an A-10 from a guard/reserve unit in Arkansas came to Vance. I know that the KC-10 was there because one of the dudes getting his wings that day was a member of the reserve unit at Travis so they came to see him. I heard there was a similar situation with the KC-135, and I had no idea why the A-10 was here.

Anyways, it was kind of motivating for those of us still in training. They let us go up in the planes, check out the cockpits, etc. I was really impressed with the size of the KC-10. It is rather large. Also, it has a cockpit that is probably more ghetto than the T-34. It was insanely old school, dial gauges all over the place in such a new plane did not make sense. I also learned that the KC-135 is probably the only over-powered plane in the inventory with its new engines. It's cockpit was not as ghetto as the KC-10 but close. The instructors have always said that the T-1 probably has the nicest cockpit we will ever see unless we fly the C-17. I'm beginning to believe them.

Seeing all these planes only furthered my indecision on what I want out of here. The A-10 was as awesome as it always is, but that is not a possibility. The KC-10 has awesome locations in Travis AFB near San Francisco and McGuire AFB in NJ, but it is a tanker and is super ghetto. The KC-135 also has some nice bases, is kind of ghetto, small, and is still a tanker. However, if the AF ever gets it's act together and gets a new tanker, the 135's will be the first to go. In other news though, I still want to fly helo's eventually and there is an awesome Guard unit in San Jose that I think I really really want to join one day. We'll see where the Lord takes me. Also, let the countdown begin. I have only 12 flights left.

Until next time, pray for SURF


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