Thursday, October 16, 2008

Warmup for FAM 2

Good news! Yesterday I was finally able to get medically cleared. It took some convincing but the flight surgeon finally signed me an up chit to fly. I don't know why and I know they are doctors, but I really think I know my own body better than doctors sometimes. So anyway, after getting cleared to fly, I let the schedulers know and they put me on the schedule for today. Because it has been almost a month since I last flew, this flight was a "mandatory warmup." Cool, a free flight where grades don't count and I get to warmup all the "skills" I lost from my first flight. (insert sarcasm here) But in all seriousness, it really was an excellent opportunity for me because, like I said, it is a free flight. Nothing counts, so I was able to learn a lot with no pressure. The flight was with a different IP who was suuuuper cool. He was talking me through everything and even though I messed up a lot, he made me feel so comfortable and confident. 

For this flight we went to the other training area and practiced all my maneuvers. Because it was such a clear day, we did a very quick area familiarization as he pointed things out like 20 miles away or more. After air work, we went down to an NOLF (navy outlying field) to practice touch n goes. This is my first crack at landing, and it was definitely not as bad as it seems. Things happen fast but it is not out of control. We did about 4 touch n goes before departing for our home field, North Whiting. This flight was head and shoulders better than the last, in part because I was able to absorb information I was able to last time, I knew what to expect, and the weather was much cooler and clear. For a while there, I was actually having fun, definitely a motivating flight. 

Now on my plate is my real FAM 2 tomorrow with a different on-wing who seems pretty cool. 

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