Friday, August 22, 2008

The calm before Fay

Well, right now it is the calm before the storm. Yesterday and today have been very hot but nice. If you've been watching the news, Tropical Storm Fay has been dumping rain on basically the entire state of Florida except for us, and tomorrow Fay is expected to hit us dead center. After talking to some locals, it shouldn't be too bad because a tropical storm is mostly just a big swirling rain storm. There will be winds, but nothing to worry about. Forecasters have predicted that Pensacola may receive about a foot of rain, though. Flash floods should not be a problem because we live, believe or not, on a hill, so water won't collect anywhere near our house, except for our pool. So, it looks like our pool will finally get filled! 

Thanks for the well wishes, and talk to you soon.

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